Shut Down Mazor Farm

Pubblichiamo oggi (in inglese) per gentile concessione del gruppo “Shut Down Mazor Farm” un interessante articolo sulla Mazor Farm, un’azienda con sede in Israele specializzata nell’allevamento di primati da destinare ai laboratori di tutto il mondo. Gli attivisti israeliani sono ormai al lavoro da molto tempo per chiedere la chiusura di questo lager e hanno da poco registrato un parziale ma significativo successo. I particolari nell’articolo.

We post today, with the kind concession of “Shut Down Mazor Farm” group, an interesting article about Mazor Farm, an Israel based company which breed primates for worldwide laboratories. Israelian’s activist are working hard to ask closure of this lager and they have just got a remarkable achievement. Details in the article.

Qui la pagina facebook del gruppo.

The Mazor Farm (BFC Monkeys Breeding Farm Ltd.) is a laboratory primates breeding farm located in Moshav Mazor, Israel. The farm currently holds 1,500 long tailed macaque monkeys. Some of these monkeys were wild caught on the island of Mauritius, while others were born in captivity. Mazor is a link in the chain of cruel trade in which monkeys are forcibly removed from their natural environment then flown thousands of miles in small cages to laboratories or breeding facilities. These animals will have been separated from their family groups, the young brutally separated from their mothers.

Mazor is little more than a monkey breeding factory, whose manager considers the monkeys to be “production units” whose sole purpose is to increase profits, through the sale of the offspring to laboratories. To further increase profitability, the young are separated early from their mothers, allowing these females to mate as soon as possible. Early forced separation is traumatic to both the young and the mothers. These mothers will cry out and cling in desperation to the bars of their cages in a vain attempt to look for their young. The young who have been moved to a separate enclosure, will in turn look for their mothers and display signs of severe distress. Not all of these animals will survive this difficult transition and some will die.

Those who survive will have their chests tattooed with a four digit serial number and then be sold to laboratories in Europe, the US and Israel. Every year, hundreds of these terrified young monkeys will be forced to travel huge distances in tiny crates to faraway destinations, to a fate worse than death which awaits them. Each of these “units” will fill the pockets of the breeding farm owners to the tune of $3000.

The vast majority of these young monkeys will be sold to laboratories that specialize in toxicology (poisoning tests). Among the clients of Mazor were Covance labs (Germany), the Swedish centre for Biological studies, as well as laboratories in the UK, Belgium, Italy and the US. The monkeys will be housed in miserable conditions and will undergo toxicity tests in which they will be injected or force fed with drugs and other chemicals. Most of the animals will die during these tests, and those who survive will be killed at the end of the experiment.
Most of the monkeys sold to laboratories within Israel will undergo invasive brain experiments.. These experiments involve water deprivation, immobilization in a primate chair for extended periods of time, surgical removal of the top of the skull, and implantation of equipment in the skull and the brain itself. These types of experiment typically last several years, after which most of the monkeys will be killed. In rare instances, individual monkeys are released and allowed to undergo rehabilitation in sanctuaries. This is a relatively recent phenomenon and is due in large part to public outcry.

In recent years, many achievements have been made by both Israeli and international animal rights and anti-vivisection movements in their activities against the farm. These include:

1. Public pressure on El-Al airlines to stop flying animals for research purposes, including Mazor monkeys, resulting in El-Al’s decision from September 2010 to refrain from further carriage and Mazor farm losing their main carrier airline. In spite of two incidents that occurred in early 2011, further public pressure (including an international boycott in Summer 2012 that involved PETA and BUAV) have brought the airline to an understanding of the harsh economic implications of breaking their public commitment, and the company is now believed not to repeat these mistakes and refrain from flying any more animals for experimentation.

2. The Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection, MK Gilad Erdan, has restricted the trade in monkeys destined for laboratory experiments as of Jan 2011, which stopped the import of monkeys to Mazor Farm and strictly limited their export only for life saving medical researches. This policy was further legally authorized in July 2012 by the Israeli Attorney General.

3. A a similar facility was planned by Mazor farm owners to be built in Puerto-Rico since 2009. In October 2011, after massive public pressure, the Puerto Rico supreme court has banned the company from building its facility on Puerto-Rico’s territory.

4. In June 2012, after a massive local and international campaign, the Supreme Court of Israel has ruled that Mazor farm will not be allowed to export any nature-born monkeys, and that a due process shall be carried out by the regulating agency, Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

5. Failing to present required documents with accordance to the new policy, the farm’s intended shipment to SNBL laboratories, their last client abroad, was rejected, forcing them to file a lawsuit against the INPA in what seems as a desperate final attempt to regain their business.

While these major achievements within a period of 24 months have brought a tremendous progress and paved the way for the farm’s final days, the farm is to date still in business – and as long as they are, so are we, standing here united and acting to shut them down for good.


One thought on “Shut Down Mazor Farm

  1. These places are so very Cruel and Inhumane. To breed these special creatures to experiment on is atrocious act of Sadism.These people that breed them and those that experiment on them should be charged with Animal Cruelty.

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