VIVISEZIONE: alcuni dati – ANIMAL TESTING: some facts

ITALIANO (for english language, see below)

A sostegno dello Stop Vivisection European Day, abbiamo il piacere di condividere questo prezioso e interessante contributo video (direttamente dal nostro canale Youtube). Un ringraziamento speciale a The Magic Collective per averlo ideato e ulteriormente ampliato al fine di dare particolare rilievo alla campagna Stop Vivisection. Vi chiediamo di diffonderlo il più possibile in quanto la sua visione è adatta a tutti, dai bambini agli adulti.

Fermiamo la vivisezione, ora!


In support of the Stop Vivisection European Day (launched by us) we are pleased to share this valuable and interesting video contribution directly from our Youtube channel.Special thanks to The Magic Collective for having conceived and further extended it in order to put special attention to the Stop Vivisection campaign.We ask you to spread it as much as possible as its vision is suitable for everyone, from children to adults.

Let’s stop vivisection, now!

Quali dati possediamo riguardo questa metodologia di ricerca?

Nessun tipo di immagini crude, ma soltanto cifre in un video fatto interamente in motion graphics. Enjoy! 

© 2013 The Magic Collective. Questo video non può essere scaricato per nessun motivo e non deve essere modificato né usato per motivi commerciali, ma il No Harlan Group Udine ne incoraggia la massima diffusione.


Which data do we have about this research methodology?

No raw images, only numbers in a video entirely made with motion graphics. Enjoy!

© 2013 The Magic Collective. This video can not not be downloaded for any reasons and must not be be modified or used for commercial purposes, but the No Harlan Group Udine encourages the widest sharing possible.


Music: Pieces Form The Whole by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross


While waiting for the english version, here is the translation. Enjoy 🙂

The topic of animal testing is becoming more and more popular.

What facts do we know about this approach to research?


“The vast majority of the population sees animal testing as cruel yet necessary for medical progress.

In an article on the British Medical Journal, 5 authors asked: Where is the evidence that animal research benefits humans?

The answer is that there is no such evidence.

There are many differences among animal species:

– arsenic is harmless for toads, sheeps and porcupines; to humans it is poisonous

– amanita phalloides is harmless for cats; it is poisonous to humans

– aspirin is lethal for cats, is isn’t for us

– chloroform is cancerous to femal rats; it is harmless to male rats

– morphine is a sedative for rats and humans; it is a stimulant for horses and cats

– AIDS, hepatitis B, malaria are lethal for humans; it isn’t at all for chimpanzees

Overall 92% of new drugs passing animal testing later fails human trials (Pubmed, UK)

Scientists have developed tests that are far more accurate:

– MRI, CAT and PET scans

– Stem cell

– DNA chips

– Microfluidics chips

– Human DNA, cells and donated tissues and organs

– Microdosing in the human body

– Computer modelling

– Autopsy

– Clinical observation

– Epidemiology

None of them uses animal testing nor takes it as an option.

Until authorities keep relying on vivisection for the drug approval process, this business won’t stop growing.

Animal testing takes money away from more effective research.

Clearly, animal tests are failing to protect people.

Let’s replace them with 21st century science.


What can you do:


01. Sign the STOP VIVISECTION petition! Go to, the goal is one million signatures!


02. Many popular charities use donations to fund animal testing.

Don’t support them.


For a list of charities that do not fund research on animals:


03.Take action in the political, social and medical fields and make medical research change.


04. In many countries students have the right to refuse to vivisect animals: what about your country?”


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